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About Osteopathy

Osteopaths consider each person as an individual. Utilising gentle techniques they will work with your body to create the perfect conditions to encourage the healing process.

Osteopathy – helping your wellbeing

A baby has to cope with the stresses of birth, and a toddler may have frequent ear and/or chest infections. The school child carries heavy school bags, whilst the student spends long hours hunched over the laptop peering at low level screens. Driving to work and long hours at a desk increase the pains begun as a student.

Sports people push their bodies to the limit and over-stretch their ligaments and tendons. In old age our joints stiffen and our circulation slows. These are the types of activities that lead to long or short-term discomfort and pain which an osteopath can alleviate.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy recognises the important of the link between the structure of the human body and the way it functions. Osteopaths focus on the body’s skeleton and joint function along with the underlying muscles, soft tissue and internal organs. Osteopaths consider each person as an individual. Utilising a highly developed sense of touch, they identify problem areas of the body. Using gentle Stretching and mobilising techniques as well as manipulating joints, and osteopath work with the body to create the perfect conditions to facilitate the healing process. Treatment usually consists of a combination of soft-tissue releasing techniques, and some specific adjustments affecting the joints and soft-tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments). Advice can also be given on self-help treatments.

What happens?

On your first visit, a full medical case history will be taken. An examination will be carried out and you then maybe be asked to perform a few simple movements so the osteopath can assess the problem. The osteopath will use their highly developed sense of touch called palpation to assess areas of weakness, tenderness, restriction or strain within your body. They will make a diagnosis and discuss it with you and if osteopathic treatment is suitable it will be offered to you. Treatment will be aimed at helping to restore normal joint stability and function.

Osteopaths usually start any treatment by releasing and relaxing muscles and stretching stiff joints, using gentle massage techniques, rhythmic joint movements and muscle release techniques. The osteopath may all carry out manipulation using short, quick movements to spinal joints. Other techniques may also be used depending on your problem.

Safe in our hands:

All osteopaths must have demonstrated to their registering body – the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) – that they are a safe and competent practitioner. Osteopaths have to train for a minimum of four years. They also have to carry out continuing professional development to stay registered. All of our Osteopaths at the Natural Therapies Clinic are registered with GOsC so you are in safe hands.

To find out more about osteopathy please feel free to call the clinic and we can answer any questions you may have. You can also visit for more information.


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